​Billy Traver

Norman Primmer
Yondan Fukushidoin

Norman Primmer Sensei, 4th Dan, started his Aikido training in 1992 in Reno, Nevada under Aviv Goldsmith Sensei 6th Dan. After Aviv Sensei moved to Virginia to to help grow Aikido on the east coast, Primmer Sensei continued his training in Reno under Vince Salvatore Sensei until moving to Pennsylvania where he started Aikido of Central Pennsylvania. After moving to Savannah GA, Primmer Sensei trained with a great group of Aikdoists at Aikido of Savannah for a few years. He also regularly travels to Japan where he has trained at several Dojos including Iwama Japan and Hombu Dojo (Aikido Headquarters in Japan). Additionlly, Primmer Sensei attends several Domestic Aikido seminars and training at various Dojos around the country.  
Billy Traver, Shodan, began Aikido in August of 2000, under the direction of Sensei Gary Rachelle at the University of Georgia Aikido Club. After two years, the club was passed to Sensei Aron McNeil, an uchi deshi of Yamada Yamashita Shihan, who recently moved down from the New York Aikikai. During this period Billy and Sensei McNeil would also train at the Atlanta Aikido Center under Shihan George Kennedy. In 2005 Billy returned to his hometown of Savannah, Georgia at that same time Alan Gay opened the Aikido Center of Savannah. Billy Sensei has been fortunate to receive a wide variety of Aikido instruction thanks to Luis Cataldi and Zoran Belic as well as being able to spend time training at the New York Aikikai.